Rihanna on set of her new movie “Battleship”

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another day of shooting for the movie “Battleship”


new logo !

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this is offical have new logo ,,hope you like it ! you can save it if you like it ! 

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okay were back at it , there were alot of Rumors up and down form the lyrics leaking ,to ppl saying they heard i think we should stick with ppl on rhanna’s team SRP RECORDS , YOU CAN HIT them up on twitter so yesterday there was another Rumor that “only girl ” is fake and there is no new single or anything so we turned to Srp and here is what they said

after that another fan asked when exactly is it gonna be out they replied with

so i think we should be happy more than disappointed cuz it confirmed as a single  , i think this was a smart move no rush take your time rihanna we will always be waiting !!  and we deff  know this is worth waiting !

rihanna wrapped Last Girl on Earth tour in New York State Fair’s Mohegan Sun Grandstand , she rocked the show , she also had some new hair she tweeted about it recently . to me it looks like a wig idk why , it looks great though dont you think here is 38 pro pics hq untaged , Enjoy and if you use them plz give credit he blog  : here you go

seems like this is going great for rih soo far everything is going amazing ,rih is out in the Hamptons (New York) shooting  for the cover of the yet to be tittled album

  • A new song has been revealed as well am not sure its not confirmed . No word on whether it’ll be released, but “Cheers” has been announced as a song set to be included on the new album. Z100 Radio DJ Sharon Dastur got a chance to listen to it and here’s what she had to say:

“What I heard blew me away: It’s upbeat, happy party music. I think on her last [album], listeners liked the darker stuff, but they didn’t love it. This is a return to the fun stuff.”

  • am not sure its not confirmed but another song Theres a song called LA a Dj admitted hearing the song . not alot of info

thats all for now i will keep you informed one thing am sure about the puled the pulg on the song with david guetta tittled “adrenaline rush ” ….so far “only girl” didnt leak and i hope it wont news i got also that it will come out on sunday in the us befor the uk radios set which is on tuseday we all know that us before the uk  soo o it will be before tuseday ,,like i said the album tittle isnt known yet i am really pushing for rebelle fleur and the whole look will be punk but gurly and i hope she still has that red hair ,,am soo excited wbu >?? ..gosh i cant wait !!

Rihanna Chart update August 26

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  • Love the way you lie is number 1 for the 6th weak on the hot 100 charts that makes Rihanna’s 11th week on the number 1 spot this year , love the way you lie is also charted #22 R&B/Hip-Hop So…#2 Pop Songs#29 Latin Songs#1 Radio Songs#3 Digital Songsh
  • Rockstar 101 has fallen from number 68 to 76 on the the hot 100 charts  it also fallen on the dance/club songs play . it also fell on the digital songs charts
  • Rated r is number 77 on the hot 200 its also number 14 on the Rnb/Hiphop albums
  • Rated R Remixed is number 25 on the dance/electronic albums its number 79 on Rnb/Hiphop albums

i just wanna say congrats to rihanna on amazing album no matter what ppl said before and say know i am proud of her rated r is on the best albums of all time i am excited for the new album , but what ppl and some fans have to get this new album is not because rated r didnt sell t sold 3 million copies ,its a smash bitches ,,but its time for the next album !! i cant wait for next Tuesday . And thank you for paying attention for the blog ,,thanks alot !

Rih was spotted at the after-party for her “Last Girl on Earth” concert in Chicago last night (August 25).

she looked a bit tuckered out as she made her exit from the Vision Nightclub and headed back to her hotel for a good night’s sleep .

i think she is really tired lately ,, riri get your rest gurl

Rihanna – Only girl

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Only girl is set to  be rihanna’s next single according to Def Pen Radio it is  ! its gonna primire next tuesday , i  Cant wait for it its gonna be a dance record  no more dark music back to umbrella rihanna personaly i think this is perfect timing to have a single out even though she has to do Australian lAST bitch on earth tour and promoting rated r  which  sold 3 mill (thnx for correcting me guys) ! its rumored that only girl is a female collab …i heard it may be nikki manj , ke$Ha or brit ,,either way i cant wait to hear it


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its Personal , this is a touchy subject for me soo tonight is big , okay alot of ppl tell me am anti social and i dont have enough friends  and  have trust issues  its becuse i always belived good in ppl am never the one talking trash about no body !! from my relatives to my best frend somtimes my boyfriend lets talk about this all at once ,,lets take my best friend ,,,we met online throw my videos on youtube ,, we had long conversations on msn ,,,i really liked him i told everything and his replays were surprzingly amazing i loved him to death i was soo happy like yay i goota bff now …or so i thought time went by he was just an amazing friend ,,,UNTILL i went to jordan,,,thats a whole other story that i may talk on but for now lets leave it to the fact that i ate shit and  i went to him for comfort ,,i was very down and you whould never gusse what this bitch had done to me  ,turned out he hated my gutts and i had no idea  he did i thought we are bffs and so our fight went out ,,,long story short he trashed me .BIG TIME ! when i came back here  i wanted to make it up to him ,,,he made up excuses and till finally we had our last fight a few days ago ,,what i am trying to say now is ,,,Never trust in somone soo fast cuz u never know they might hate your guts or just wanna make a joke out of you !! just be smart at picking your friend ,,,have you ever had somthing like this ?? u can share it in the comments ,,help me !!